Q. Where does EduMazement Productions present?
A. Western Washington is home for both Jeff Evans (Olympia) and Rick Anderson (Tacoma).  However, during the year they travel to eastern Washington, parts of Oregon, and occasionally Idaho.  It's most economical to have several schools coordinate dates and block-book.  Ask for details.

Q. How much do shows cost
A. Rates are based on several factors, including the location, number of students, type of performance, and number of programs. Please
contact us for a specific quote for your school. 

As always, save 20% when another school in your area has the same program on the same date.  This block-booking discount is a great way to save funds while bringing a fantastic assembly to your students.  

Tips for an effective performance:

  • Arrange seating with the younger kids towards the front and older students towards the back.
  • Keep an aisle down the center to make it easier to bring volunteers up and display certain items.
  • Have the principal, teacher, or PTA member to introduce Jeff (written introduction provided).
  • Light the performing area well.
  • Let those who typically use the performance area know about the special program in advance (i.e., PE teachers and cafeteria staff ). Part of the performance area will be off-limits during set-up and take-down for the assembly.

Q. Can you perform in the evening?
A. You bet! Any of EduMazement's themed shows can be used as an evening special event at your school. Or, if you are looking for a just-for-fun magic show, our
Family Night Magic Show is just the ticket. Best of all, you save money when you add a Family Night to an afternoon show.  (The kids go home excited from the day assembly and virtually guarantee a strong attendance, too.)


How long does it take to set-up and take-down?

A. Allow a half hour for set-up and take-down. It is not necessary to stop all activities in the performance area, but keep one end clear for equipment.

Q. Do we need one or two assemblies?
A. If your school has 450 or more students, our programs are more effective when the school is split in half. This is particularly true with Mission:  Possible and Science Magic where posters and experiments are not as visible from long distances. However, if your budget doesn't allow this, invite the whole school.

Q. What do you need for a sound system?
A. Both Jeff and Rick travel with their own wireless microphone (and, occasionally, music) to plug into your school's sound system.  Our sound systems use either an XLR and quarter inch connector, both standard, to plug into your mixer. 

If your sound system is broken or finicky, please let us know in advance so we can bring our own sound system.  (An additional fee may apply; ask your performer.) 

Please set up a handheld microphone with a stand.  The principal or assembly planner can use this to introduce the program and it can also be used during the assembly if required. 

Q. Can we get a photo to add to a flier or newsletter?
A. Absolutely - download and use any of our online photos.  

Q. How do we pay you?
A. A deposit is not required. You will receive a confirmation letter and invoice once a performance is arranged. The preferred way to pay is by having a check at the school on the day of the assembly payable to the name of your presenter.  If this is not possible, purchase orders are also acceptable.

Q. Are there discounts?
A. Yes - Team up with another school for the same program on the same day, and each school receives a 20% discount. Multiple shows on the same day are also always discounted.

Do you work on stage or ground level?

A. Stages are fantastic for assemblies!  It is so much easier for students at the back to see.  If they aren't built-in, please provide stairs for the stage so it is easy for the performer to go into the audience and bring volunteers up to assist. 

I can't believe you're this good.  Prove it :-)

A.  Contact us and let us know which program you're interested in.  We'd be happy to provide references of schools we've visited recently with that program which you are welcome to contact.  

I'm seriously interested in a program.  How can I share this with my other assembly decision makers?

A.  You can direct them here, to www.edumazement.com.  Our letter to assembly coordinators also does an excellent job of covering all of the program descriptions.  It's a Word document, so it prints nicely and can be distributed at your assembly committee meeting. 

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