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No Bullies Allowed Class Activity Sheet
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Bully Prevention Program





Be a buddy, not a bully



No Bullies Allowed

Bully Prevention school assembly program

New Assembly Program
Makes Your Students Bully-Proof

Mission:  Possible builds kids up from the inside out, showing them the power of a positive attitude and self esteem.  Students learn about important character traits as Jeff shares inspirational stories about amazing people from history. 

Bullying is a hot topic year after year.  Jeff's assembly approaches the subject in a way that makes this potentially intimidating subject fun.  Students are chosen to play the role of bullies and attempt to provoke and tease Jeff.  Yet, simple responses show kids that they are in charge of their emotions.  Your students will return to their classrooms with techniques to avoid and prevent bullying that they can use immediately. 

Hear what Saltar's Point Elementary counselor Mario Reaves says about "No Bullies Allowed." 

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Sublimity School Principal Jamie McCarty talks about Jeff's visit to his K-8 school." 

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Students role-play and discuss ways to prevent bullying from happening.

Your students will return to the classrooms remembering important lessons about character.  And, Jeff's "ABCs of Achievement" - Attitude, Believing, and Character - can be applied to school, sports, the playground, business, life, any way that you want.  Reviewing the quotes and demonstrations from the assembly make excellent talking points for your classroom discussions to get maximum value from the assembly.  

  • "It's not where you start, it's where you finish that counts."

    George Washington Carver was born in 1865 in Missouri as a slave.  He went on to become known as "The Plant Doctor", inventing peanut butter as well as hundreds of other products made from sweet potatoes, pecans, peanuts, and other agricultural products.


  • "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."  -Thomas Edison

Inventor Thomas Edison "successfully discovered" two thousand ways the light bulb would NOT work before making his incredible breakthrough that changed the world.  Having a great idea means nothing without persistence. 

  • "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Helen Keller used her unmatched positive attitude to turn challenges into windows of opportunity.  Most people don't fail because they never try in the first place.  Helen Keller was never afraid to fail, and in her attempt inspired millions. 

Take Jeff's "Warm Fuzzy Challenge" - do something nice for someone each day for a week.  Ask for nothing in return.  See what happens.  You may be surprised with how it makes you feel!

Class Activity Sheets give you Maximum Results
o keep the fire alive, each of your teachers receives a “Class Activity Sheet” at the assembly. Tips for preventing bullying and dealing with bullies are included. The fun facts, writing projects, and puzzles pick up where the performance ends and transfer excitement back to the classroom.  The best part is that these Class Activity Sheets are provided absolutely free.  Download your No Bullies Allowed Class Activity Sheet here. 

Consider again all that you receive from
Jeff's No Bullies Allowed Program

  • Performances that are audience tested in front of thousands of students each week
  • Assemblies that receive rave reviews from educators and students
  • Experience from a full-time pro who does over 300 shows each year
  • Students who are excited to spread "Warm Fuzzies" throughout the school and to nice things to others
  • Free Class Activity Sheets to keep the learning process going
  • Absolute “Money-Back if You’re Not Thrilled” Guarantee

Assembly Facts
Jeff supplies everything necessary for his performance, including tables, backdrops, and wireless microphone to plug into your school's sound system.  Custom posters are mailed to your school to let kids know about the special program in advance.

This assembly teaching the lifetime skills of a positive attitude and how to respect yourself and others may be the most important assembly you’ll host all year.  And, your students will have a great time in the process, guaranteed, or you don’t pay!

Call Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff@edumazement.com today for rates and booking information.


Comments from students, teachers and administrators after seeing our show:

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“Your additions of ‘anti-bully’ messages were perfect since we have been discussing those ideas with our students.  Numerous students told me it was a fun assembly!!”
   -Deniece Hussey
Roosevelt Elementary

"When your button is pushed, don't let it ring your bell."  You're in charge of your own feelings.  Don't let others ruin your day!

“I enjoyed the assembly for many reasons.  The first thing I learned was the warm fuzzy.  Warm fuzzys are good feelings.  If you give more away you get more.  

The second thing I learned was the bully lesson.  Whitney, Marissa and Kenny gave insults to you.  They rang the bell, but it didn’t work.  Also, you gave a comment and you didn’t get mad.  I liked that.  

The third important thing I learned was to keep trying.  By never giving up, you can follow your dreams.  Thanks again for teaching me some great lessons.”
-Jenna, student
  Robert Gray Elementary

"I learned that when you give away a fuzzy you get more in return.  I also learned that you get a big reward by helping people because you feel good inside."  
-Courtney, student
  Gray Elementary

Students learn the "building blocks of achievement" - Attitude, Believing, and Character.








“I had fun when you were here.  I never saw anything like that in my life.  Thank you a lot for teaching me to believe in myself.”
-Janica, student
  Robert Gray Elementary