“Discover the Easiest Way to Bring a 
Successful Assembly to Your Students”

Dear Assembly Coordinator,

Finding great assemblies is a tough job. You know… a program that delivers a powerful educational message, yet is also incredibly entertaining. In the best cases, the motivation to learn carries on long after the show is over. For some students a great program infuses them with the desire to learn—it can be a turning point in their life.

Voila!  EduMazement Productions brings two of the area’s top motivational presenters – Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson - together with programs designed specifically for elementary school students.  Plus, our new “Success Series” enables you to easily book three assemblies at once and get a great price break while you save yourself time and energy.  Read on…

After presenting for thousands of students each week at elementary schools throughout Washington, we know we can deliver just that kind of assembly program... GUARANTEED, or you don’t owe us a dime. 

“It was amazing – not a single kid had to go to the
bathroom during the entire forty-five minutes.” 

You can’t teach a student if you don’t have their attention first.  Kids love magic, so they are very responsive to the presentation and the message.  Even teachers grade fewer papers during EduMazement programs – they don’t want to miss any of the fun themselves! 

“Your show was outstanding this morning. I haven't laughed that much in ages or oohed and aahed.  How do you do all that magic!!???”
-Camille Callner, Meridian School Teacher

EduMazement Productions offers your choice of our FIVE motivational programs in addition to our just-for-fun Family Night shows.  You choose the one that best fits your school’s needs. 

Science Magic with Jeff Evans - Increase Interest in your Science Fair

“I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”

-Susan Peterson, Teacher, East Port Orchard Elementary

Science Magic is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students are exposed to the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases. The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated. Some experiments can be duplicated at home or in the classroom. This assembly is an ideal lead-in to your Science Fair, or just as a way to show students that learning can be fun. 

Michael T. Simmons Elementary in Tumwater, Washington invited Jeff to kick off their Science Fair with the exciting Science Magic assembly.  Principal Chris Sharp credits Jeff’s efforts and motivation as a big reason for the 40% increase in participation with their Science Fair over the previous year!  Learn more here.

The Magic of Growth
 with Rick Anderson- Success and Goal Setting

Much more than just a “magic show,” this program was designed to motivate your students to succeed in school and succeed in life. It’s about personal “inner” growth. Using the entertainment power of magic to hold their attention, Rick Anderson introduces your students to life altering skills for personal growth. Full of humor and audience participation, the entertaining presentations enhance the message. Subjects range from simple manners to basic techniques for how to set and achieve goals.

You’ll find that when your students actually use the skills taught during this presentation their grades improve, and their self-esteem soars. The included class activity sheets reinforce the concepts and give the students “hands-on” experience in discovering the bigger person inside themselves.

I Love to Read
  with Rick Anderson
– Demonstrates the Fun of Reading

This show is a favorite of many students and teachers as well. The magic literally takes the students on a journey of their imagination. It inspires them to seek out classics like the Wizard of Oz by comparing with current books such as the Harry Potter series. (It seems many students don’t even know there was a wizard before Harry Potter.) The finishing routine is a baffling and hysterical tribute to Dr. Suess.

Along the way, students also learn proper care of books, how to learn various favorite subjects (like magic) from books, and how books are a lot like TV except the pictures are better… because nothing’s better than their own imagination.  You’ll know you have a room-full of motivated students as they chant “I Love To Read” throughout the show.  

Reading Magic with Jeff Evans - Get Kids in and Reading at Your Library

“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!” 

-Urdene Rickard, St. Vincent de Paul School Librarian

Reading Magic encourages kids to turn off the TV and pick up a book.  Favorite characters from Amelia Bedelia to Captain Underpants make their way into the show.  You’ll also see the hilarious “Harry Potter” routine for which Jeff was named “Children’s Magic Champion” at the Pacific Coast Association of Magician’s 2000 convention.  A boy is dressed up as Harry complete with glasses, lighting bolt scar, and hair that won’t comb down.  You’ve never seen anyone have such a hard time holding onto a magic wand!

It's a lot of fun, but most importantly the benefits of reading are woven throughout the show.  Your students will be excited to try out the "magic numbers" of the Dewey Decimal system at your library. This is one of three programs selected by the King County Library system for promoting reading at elementary schools throughout their service district during the  2001, 2002, and 2003 school years.  Learn more here.

Mission:  Possible with Jeff Evans
- Bully Proof Your School

Discover all the reasons you can be a success at whatever you choose!  Follow your dreams, achieve your goals, and have fun being the best you can be.  Jeff gets across important lessons of life in a fun way with Mission:  Possible, his all-new motivational magic show.

Problems like drugs, alcohol, and gangs can be traced to poor attitude and low self-esteem.  Jeff’s Mission:  Possible show gives kids reason to believe in themselves and help them make the right decisions and treat others with respect.  Learn more here.

Family Magic Night
– Rick Anderson and/or Jeff Evans

"You brought excitement to the students by sharing tricks even prior to your scheduled performance and carried it throughout the evening!”

-Jennice Ivey, Pleasant Glade PTA President

Family Magic Nights are successful and well-attended Family Nights – and you can choose from our motivational themed shows as well as a just-for fun show.  Save money by combining an afternoon EduMazement assembly with an evening Family Magic Night show.  Fundraising opportunities with magic books and tricks are also available.  Inquire for details. 

All of our school shows (day and evening) include custom posters to help you promote the assembly or show.  This makes it easier to let your students (and families) know about the special event in advance.  Melissa Santiago, Cedar Valley Elementary P. T. A., writes, “The pre-made fliers were wonderful!  They made my job advertising so simple.”  Learn more here.

Save Money - If another school in your area would like to team up for the same program on the same day, you EACH receive a 20% discount.  It saves time and driving to do multiple schools in one day, and we want to reward you for making our job easier. 

And now for the package deal unlike any other available from any other assembly program –

The EduMazement Success Series  
Buy three, get one for FREE!

We’d like to take care of a big chunk of your assembly programs for next year with one easy process.  And, for streamlining our job of booking shows, you also get a treat for the families of your school!  Schedule Rick's The Magic of Growing or I Love to Read along with two of Jeff’s programs (Science Magic, Reading Magic, or Mission:  Possible) for the school year and receive a FREE Family Night Magic Show!

There are several benefits for you.  First, you get three guaranteed great programs.  Second, by going through just one company, you don’t need to hassle with several contacts at several companies.  Next, in addition to seeing completely different shows, your students are also seeing two unique performers.  Finally, our shows complement each other; i.e., after seeing Jeff’s Reading Magic show, kids learn that books can be a great source of inspiration and motivation with Rick’s Magic of Growing show.   

EduMazement Assemblies May be the 
Easiest Program You’ll Ever Plan

Here’s why – EduMazement assemblies are totally self-contained.  We provide:

  • The 45-minute motivational or themed show
  • Tables
  • Sound system (if required)
  • Backdrop (for a professional look)
  • Cones (to create an aisle or “stage”)
  • Custom posters to promote the program in advance
  • Fun-to-read introduction

All you provide is the gymnasium or multi-purpose room and your students.  A call from you takes care of everything.  (But you still take all the credit for planning a successful assembly.  Makes you feel guilty just thinking about it, doesn’t it?)

PLUS Class Activity Sheets

What good is a motivating program if kids aren’t given the tools they need to apply their energy?  Our exclusive Class Activity Sheets are designed to transfer the excitement from the assembly back to the classroom.  Each teacher receives a sheet with facts, questions, and projects dealing with concepts from the assembly.  The best part is that these Class Activity Sheets are included absolutely free. 

When was the last time your assembly program
came with a money-back guarantee? 

Each year Rick and Jeff perform over THREE HUNDRED combined live shows.  Jeff and Rick have been named "Children's Magic Champion" at four consecutive Pacific Coast Association of Magicians annual conventions.  We’re so confident that you’ll be thrilled with our programs at your school, we offer this simple no-risk guarantee:  If you’re not completely satisfied with our performance for your school, you pay what you feel it was worth.  What could be fairer than that?   

“This sounds great!  
What do I do now?”

Now is the best time to insure the best choice of dates.  For availability and prices, simply pick up the phone and call toll free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to info@edumazement.com

We look forward to bringing the fun of learning to your school!

Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson

P.S.  We can only be in one place at a time.  Simply call toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to info@edumazement.com.  With almost no effort, you’ll be set up for a great motivational assemblyClick here to visit the main menu for our assembly programs.  

P. P. S. 
YOU can get reviews like these from your school, too.

“I’ve taught at this level for 23 years and sat through many assemblies.  Jeff Evans, by far, gets a ‘10’ for his performance and engagement with the children.”
  -Carolyn Candy, teacher, Chautauqua Elementary

“Your terrific acts captivated and thrilled all who attended, young and old.  It was tremendous to see families sharing together the awe of Magic!”
  -Jennice Ivey, PTA president, Pleasant Glade Elementary

“The word from the children was "this was the best assembly EVER!"  The parents, teachers and staff all agree with the children, you were extremely entertaining.”
  -Wendy Logan, PTA president, Browns Point Elementary

“I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”
  -Susan Peterson, teacher, East Port Orchard Elementary

“That was the best magic show ever!  I never knew so many things about science.”
  -Nicole S., 5th grade, Esquire Hills Elementary

“Thanks for the two great assemblies at Mark Twain Elementary.  The students were mesmerized by your artful blend of science and magic.”
  -Mary Nelson, principal, Mark Twain Elementary

“Jeff inspired both students and teachers in his unique method of instructing fundamental science concepts using the mystery of magic.  Students and teachers cheered at his captivating demonstrations."
-Gregory Kroll, teacher, Mountain View Elementary

“Dear Mr. Jeff, Thank you for the wonderful assembly!  It was so funny I almost cried!  Please come back next year.”
  -Christina, student, Lake Grove Elementary

"Your performance was a hit with the students and staff alike!”
  -Greg Brown, principal, Scobee Elementary

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