Magic Around the World


Summer Reading at the Port Townsend Library

Dream On!
2012 Summer Reading Program

A book on magic inspired him to learn the art of magic a quarter of a century ago.  Today, Jeff Evans' dream is a reality, and he brings an outrageously fun, new magic show to the library celebrating the magic of reading.  Woven throughout the mysterious tricks is the message that anything you want to learn can be found in books.  Jeff attempts to recreate one of his childhood dreams; being suspended in mid-airSo amazing, you'll have to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming!


Dear Youth Services Librarian Friends,

As I write this, it's mid December and I have recently submitted my proposal for the 2012 SRP.  It's a busy time with a lot of holiday performances, so publicity photos and show graphics will be available here in early January. 

But let's get the ball rolling now!  My calendar is online to make your job easy.  I especially appreciate it when libraries coordinate dates to take advantage of block-booking discounts.  Call me toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to for prices and multi-show discounts. 

Happy holidays, and I look forward to being part of your summer reading program again!



Reviews from my 2011 Magic Around the World performances...

"Jeff, I've known you forever (since 1998)and you have consistently provided exciting, fun, and informative programs.  I especially like your new program, Magic Around the World.  The facts you provided about each country are so interesting and it was amazing how you incorporated magical feats after the sound bites of information.  You're also so funny and children and parents enjoy your jokes.  Love how you roll with it even when one of your 'assistants' ran off on you in the middle of a trick.  Thanks for being on time to set-up, your professional demeanor, and your ability to wow the crowd each and every time.
-Bernadette Salgado, King County Library System

"You are such a wonder!  Magic Around the World was fabulous – it is always so wonderful to watch the adults at your programs.  They are truly just as amazed as the kids.  Many, many thanks to you for being one of the best featured performers we know!"
-Ellen Duffy, Youth Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional Library

"Many thanks again for helping to get the kids excited about reading!  So many parents have stopped me tonight to express their thanks. Your show was not only entertaining but very educational as well.  You have such a special way with kids Jeff!  Thanks for all your hard work!"
-Margaret Martin, Mercer Island Library

"Thanks for the wonderful program!  You are always my favorite person to kick off Summer Reading.  (Or to take to a school assembly.  Or to celebrate pretty much anything.)"
-Kalee Shearer, Lake Forest Park Library