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Dig Into Magic
2013 Summer Reading Program

The same way that the magic of books lie beneath the cover of books, the mysteries of the earth lie beneath the ground.  Magician Jeff Evans unearths secrets of the deep in his all-new subterranean summer reading spectacular.  The surprises are non-stop whether Jeff is mining for precious metals, discovering aquifers of drinking water, or sharing amazing facts about the world’s deepest supercave.  Science stunts, creepy crawlies, and amazing magic are buried throughout the show. 


Dear Youth Services Librarian,

Yes, it’s that time again!  I’m looking ahead to the summer and already excited about my Dig into Magic show.  Two weeks ago I visited the “Ape Caves” near Mount Saint Helens for my photo shoot and to learn more first-hand what it feels like to visit a cave.  It’s creepy – and fun!  As I sit here I have a full stack of books ranging from fossils to gems to caving.  In my car I’m listening to Blind Descent, a story of extreme caving.  (All checked out from the library, of course!)  I’m getting lots of ideas to incorporate into my show for the summer.

As always, I promise an easy-to-host program with laugh-out-loud fun that draws families to your library.  My show is totally self-contained and I travel with my own sound system.  All you need to provide is electricity, a room, and a group of kids and parents ready for a great time!

Block-booking is recommended if possible.  You save $$ and it makes my preparation and drive time more worthwhile.  Visit for info on my programs and reviews from librarians like you. 

If you’re into social media, friend me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, or subscribe to my blog for the occasional update. 

My calendar is online to make booking a snap.  It’s only a guide; so be sure to call or e-mail me to be sure your date is really available.  Call me toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to 

I look forward to promoting reading and “subterranean sorcery” at your library in 2013!

Jeff Evans



Dig Into Magic Program Facts

Length of Program:  45 minutes


Performance Space Requirements: Meeting Room


Furniture or Equipment Required: None.  Performer supplies tables, cones to create a “stage”, a fun-to-read introduction, and sound system.  Access to electricity is required. 


Publicity Photos:  (updated photos to come early in 2013)


Target Audience, (Ages): Primary and Elementary (ages 5 – 11).  Older kids are welcome and will be fascinated, as Jeff’s shows are for kids without being childish. 


Audience/Registration Requirements: none


Programmer Availability:  Call or e-mail Jeff for availability, or visit his online calendar at   

  Contact Jeff for prices and block-booking discounts. 

Library Magician Jeff Evans     Summer Reading Magic

Reviews from Jeff Evans' 2011 Magic Around the World performances...

"Jeff, I've known you forever (since 1998)and you have consistently provided exciting, fun, and informative programs.  I especially like your new program, Magic Around the World.  The facts you provided about each country are so interesting and it was amazing how you incorporated magical feats after the sound bites of information.  You're also so funny and children and parents enjoy your jokes.  Love how you roll with it even when one of your 'assistants' ran off on you in the middle of a trick.  Thanks for being on time to set-up, your professional demeanor, and your ability to wow the crowd each and every time.
-Bernadette Salgado, King County Library System

"You are such a wonder!  Magic Around the World was fabulous – it is always so wonderful to watch the adults at your programs.  They are truly just as amazed as the kids.  Many, many thanks to you for being one of the best featured performers we know!"
-Ellen Duffy, Youth Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional Library

"Many thanks again for helping to get the kids excited about reading!  So many parents have stopped me tonight to express their thanks. Your show was not only entertaining but very educational as well.  You have such a special way with kids Jeff!  Thanks for all your hard work!"
-Margaret Martin, Mercer Island Library

"Thanks for the wonderful program!  You are always my favorite person to kick off Summer Reading.  (Or to take to a school assembly.  Or to celebrate pretty much anything.)"
-Kalee Shearer, Lake Forest Park Library

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