Dear Youth Services Librarian,

The 2008 Summer Reading Program theme is "Catch the Reading Bug."  if you're still looking for a fantastic "buggy" program, this is it! 
Go bug-eyed.
Come to the library.
Stay for 

The Magical Adventures
of Bug Boy

Magician Jeff Evans is back with new tricks and amazing facts about bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies.  You’ll see Frankie the Trained Flea and his Flea Circus, a Venus Fly Trap, and the “World’s Scariest Bug Trick”.   And, when Jeff reaches into a swarm of bees in the name of a card trick, you’ll wonder if he’s gotten in over his antennae!  Crawl, hop, or buzz in to the library and be part of the magical adventure.   


Magician Jeff Evans is "Bug Boy"


Contact Jeff at (360) 412-5064 in Olympia or toll-free (877) 412-5064 for rates and availability.  Or, send e-mail to  As always, save money when you block-book with another branch. 

P. S.  You can get rave reviews like these from your patrons, too! 

“I enjoyed everything you did in the lunchroom.  I promise I will read for the rest of my life.”

-Cameron, Mountain View Elementary student


“Your lively assembly with the potent reading message was the best assembly I’ve seen in 27 years of teaching.  As a result 21 of my 22 children got their library cards.  Number 22 is working on his mom!”

-Pat Dahl, Chinook Elementary


“Both staff and students were raving about his performance!  They said it was the BEST Read Across America Assembly they had seen!”

-Kimberly Rose, Star Lake Elementary Librarian


“My office mate and her children were in your audience last night and she said they are still talking about how you do those things.  Her kindergarten son wants to go right to the library tonight to get magic books and they want to write you a letter.  So don't be surprised if you hear from a little girl and boy who are absolutely entranced with you:).  That's what I call a success!!”

-Kay Peters, Title 1 Parent Involvement, Shoreline Schools


“Jeff was fun, kid-friendly, and he gave a super assembly that really pumped the students up regarding reading!”

-Shelly Flaig, Jefferson Elementary


“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!” 

-Urdene Rickard, St. Vincent de Paul School Librarian


“Your performance has instant and immediate appeal for all ages and your humor keeps everyone in tow.”

- Mie-Mie Wu, Kenmore Library


“Adults enjoyed the show as much, if not more, than the kids.”

- Adele Warsinske, White Center Library