“I ran into a teacher downtown yesterday and she told me that was the best assembly the school has EVER had!!”
  -Barbara Dolezal
  Highlands Elementary PTA

“I wanted to let you know that the feed back from the students and the teachers was all very positive!!!Thank you so much for presenting a GREAT assembly!”
     -Chris Anderson
     Southside Elementary Booster Club

"My favorite part was all of your magic!”
     -Nichole, Penny Creek 3rd grade

Edumazement assemblies are
the right choice for your school. 

EduMazement Productions is the combined creative talents of entertainers Rick Anderson and Jeff Evans.  Their motivational-magic assemblies for schools earn praise from students, teachers, and staff. 

Together Rick and Jeff bring over six decades of entertainment experience to your school.  Their passion for sharing the fun and thrill of their subjects is evident in their performances, and it's no wonder that many schools and libraries invite them back time and time again. (Some schools have booked Jeff annually for over a dozen years!)

You'll both be as impressed with Rick's and Jeff's ability to capture and hold the attention of your students as you will with the way they work motivational messages and education into their amazing magic.

EduMazement Productions officially began in 2001 as a division of Amazement Productions LLC. Amazement Productions focuses on providing magical entertainment for private parties and corporate events.

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