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Count on magicians Rick Anderson and Jeff Evans to bring a successful assembly program to your school.

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EduMazement Productions  presents educational-themed assemblies for elementary schools in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Magicians Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson have over fifty years of combined experience presenting for school audiences.

A Magical Education!

There is very little that fascinates children (and adults for that matter) more than magic. Magic arouses a sense of wonder and curiosity. Magic captures the student's interest and slides the educational message in without resistance.

This is why the skillful combination of magic and message is so powerful.


EduMazement assemblies are consistently rated as not only among the most entertaining but most motivational shows available to your students.

Our themed programs are specifically designed to mesh with your reading, science, and respect/anti-bully curriculum.  Read all about our motivational-magic programs at the Assembly Menu.

If you also want something for a reward or other just-for-fun reason we also offer our popular Family Night shows and FUNDRAISING programs. Just call us for details.

If you just "surfed in" or do not currently have a letter or brochure about our programs, please start by reading our Introduction Letter to assembly coordinators.  (The Word document will open in a new window). 

Free resource:  Our School Assembly Handbook is loaded with tips that will make your job planning and hosting a great assembly easier.  Even experienced assembly coordinators will find some nugget of information here!

Get right to the program descriptions of our motivational-magic programs at the Assembly Menu.

Rick Anderson performs magic for a Family Night in Tacoma, WA.

Rick Anderson at a Family Night in Tacoma


Comments from Students, Teachers and Administrators after seeing our show:

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-Don Garrett
Principal, Clover Creek Elementary School

A Few Quotes:

“I ran into a teacher downtown yesterday and she told me that was the best assembly the school has EVER had!!”
-Barbara Dolezal
Highlands Elementary PTA

"I had fun when you were here.  I never saw anything like that in my life.  Thank you a lot for teaching me to believe in myself.”
-Janica, Robert Gray Elementary Student

“Our principal was impressed that even the sixth grade students were captivated for the entire assembly.  Jeff had kids talking about the assembly days after the event.”
-T. J. Navilio
Carson Elementary PTA

“Your lively assembly with the potent reading message was the best assembly I’ve seen in 27 years of teaching.  As a result 21 of my 22 children got their library cards.  Number 22 is working on his mom!”
-Pat Dahl
Chinook Elementary Teacher

“Your show was terrific and the kids loved it!… You not only made it an educational experience, but one of fun and humor.  Our children were mesmerized by your magic and learned things in the process.  How great is that!”
-Jeanie Bethel
Silver Firs PTA

“Your show was outstanding this morning. I haven't laughed that much in ages or oohed and aahed. How do you do all that magic!!??? Thanks so much for your appearance.”
-Camille Callner
Meridian School Teacher

“Everything went smoothly from start to finish… Please use us as a reference.  The students absolutely loved the show!”
-Deanna Dent
Glenridge Elementary PTA

“I have heard many compliments from teachers, parents, and kids!  Kudos!!”
-Kathy Rickard
Brouillet Elementary PTA

Jeff interacts with individual students

Jeff Evans Talking with Students